Dealing With Grief

Let's Talk About It!
Lea Rose

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This is a groundbreaking book with the power to change our lives. If we're not prepared for death, either our own or as the carer of someone who is dying, we may experience tremendous suffering, fear and regret.

Lea Rose demonstrates that even though we may be facing the hardest challenge of our lives, we can still develop peace of mind that we never thought possible. Through Lea's unique and innovative approach, we can learn how to have an open, even liberating, attitude to death and dying.

As well as recounting her own inspirational journey, Lea uses moving true stories to personalise the experience of death and break down barriers and negative feelings.

Our Babies Have Died
SANDS Organisation

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Stories of Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death contains the stories of parents who have unselfishly shared them so that others may benefit.  It has been the experience of the organisation SANDS that parents of babies who have died wish to talk about their experiences, listen to those of others and confirm that the experiences they endure after the death of their child are often common amongst other bereaved parents.  These stories are at times heartbreaking, brave and sensitive while showing an insight into the strength of the human condition.

 As one father writes:  It has been fifty-nine days since we had our hello and our sad goodbye.  My lovely wife whom I adore and for whom I now have an even stronger sense of admiration for due to her strength and courage has been through hell and has not come back yet, but ‘they’ do say time heals.

When Pets DieWhen Pets Die It’s Alright to Grieve
by Doris Zagdanski

RRP : $16.95 AUD

Whether she is speaking to you face to face, or addressing a large audience, Doris Zagdanski gets her message across. She understands grief. She connects with grieving people. In When Pets Die, she turns her attention to pet loss. The oft unrecognised hurt of losing a pet is given a name – disenfranchised grief. This grief is explained in a common sense, practical and sensitive way. Just what you need when your pet companion has died and it seems that no-one understands.

After Suicide After Suicide
by Dr Sheila Clark

RRP : $21.95 AUD

World suicide statistics have become frightening. There are thousands of people who have lost a relative or friend through suicide. This book has been written in response to the needs of people who have lost a loved one through suicide. It is intended to help people understand the emotions they may face, provides suggestions for practical help and assists them to build a new life again. The format of the book is unique with information provided in small packages so as to be easily assimilated by the distressed reader.

Teenagers & GriefTeenagers & Grief : Coping with Loss
By :
Doris Zagdanski

RRP :AUD$17.95

Teenagers and Grief is a superb guide for teenagers and parents alike. Parents will find ways to help their children by showing them how to cope with loss and helping them to express their grief, thoughts and feelings. There is also critical information on when parents need to seek urgent outside help. Several teenagers express their feelings in the book and these give us an insight into the depths of their grief.

This is an insightful, tender book written by Doris Zagdanski who is a recognized professional specializing in the field of grief awareness. With over 25 years experience as an educator and author, she is sought after as a keynote speaker and trainer for health care providers, schools, churches and community organizations.

Essential reading for anyone who deals with teenagers on a regular basis.

A teenager – no longer a child, yet still not an adult. Expected to behave like an adult, but not knowing how to.

Twenty years ago Doris Zagdanski wrote ‘Many teenagers grieve silently’. Does she still hold this view all these years later? The answer is simply ‘yes’.

The death of a parent, sibling or friend is devastating for the teenager. Apart from death,  in today’s world, the most common way young people experience grief is through divorce, separation, a re-marriage or creation of a blended family. Other triggers include  loss of home, pets and personal property through fire or flood, obesity or poor body image – not being ‘pretty enough’ or ‘slim enough’, loss of friendship – boyfriend or girlfriend, loss of trust because of sexual abuse, bullying, learning that you were adopted or lack of success at school.

Grief can cause increased risk taking, on-going depression and in severe cases, suicide.

Towards the LightTowards the Light
Growing Through Grief
Michael Metzger

RRP : AUD $24.95

Grief is an overwhelming feeling that nearly every person experiences at some point in their life, often many times.  It can affect every aspect of your life and can sometimes be debilitating for an extended period of time, especially if we don't find a healthy way to deal with it.  In a lot of cases, life will never be the same again, there will always be an empty space- something missing.  But with the right mindset and *tools* to help you through, you can honour your loss, your feelings and grow through the grief.

In this book, Michael Metzger gives great insight into various aspects of grief, from a personal perspective- he has worked through his own grief from the loss of his beloved father and son.  He guides us through the grief process in a caring and insightful manner including:

  • The different ways people deal with grief and the legitimacy of those feelings, no matter what form they take.

  • The intensity of feelings like shock, anger, fear, guilt that you may swing between.

  • That it is ok to show emotion and you shouldn't feel embarrassed or guilty.

  • The stages of grief.

  • What to expect from grief.

  • How to deal with a feeling of being unable to grieve, or if we are stuck in grief.

  • That grieving is a process, not an event, and that you should take as much time as you need to travel through it.  Questions to ask to ascertain how far we have travelled.
    "We do not emerge from grief as the same person who entered it."

  • Ways to help yourself mourn, by talking, writing, seeking support and reaching out.

  • A guided visualisation to help you come through the grief, plus some wonderful affirmations to help ease the way. 

He also discusses that through our grief we need to work through accepting the reality of the loss and to let go of our previous relationship with the dead person and to establish a new relationship with their memory.  A particularly lovely and comforting quote from the book regarding this is " The dead never leave us; they but leave our side to come inside, to be part of us forever."

The second part of the book covers specific losses and help in dealing with them, such as a life companion, a parent, a child, accidental death, suicide and murder.

The final section delves into using faith, spirituality and prayer to help travel through the grief journey.

Various appendices provide valuable sources and references both for those grieving, and those helping others going through grief.


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