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By : Dr Ranjit Rao

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Dr Ranjit Rao is a Surgeon with a difference. He blends western and eastern; modern and ancient; physical and spiritual in a way that is easy to understand and apply to daily life.

Meditation & Martini is for those of you who want it all. It's for those who wish to enjoy everything the world has to offer materially, while simultaneously experiencing a full, healthy life of vitality that is spiritually vibrant.

If you wish to live the life of a monk or an ascetic, there are plenty of other manuals that you can turn to. Every path has its place and all of them are valid.

This book is for the individual who is fully living in the hustle and bustle of worldly life. if you have a busy job, a hectic family life with a partner and children, and if you enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer, such as food, alcohol, coffee, sex and friendships, if you also wish to achieve the balance and inner peace of the Buddha, this book will offer you some insights.




By : Dr John Sherman and Tom Valenta

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Drug Addiction in Australia is a warts-and-all portrait of Australia's illicit drug problems. It is told through the raw experiences of people who have used, or are using drugs, and a variety of health professionals. World opinion is now starting to turn against drug prohibition. Yesterday's orthodoxy is increasingly on the defensive. Prohibition has failed abjectly by every measure except one: for decades prohibition has been politically effective. But even this is starting to change. Dr John Sherman's four decades trying to help drug users led him to do what he can to speed up drug law reform in Australia. It's time.



By : Dr Craig Hassed

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Our understanding and assumptions about how we are made and the genetic process that govern the unfolding of our lives have been turned upside-down. We are much less the victims of our biology – we are the sculptors of it. We have within us the potential, if guided wisely, to enhance human flourishing at the same time as we limit the impact of disease. Epigenetics is a very big issue and as time goes on it will only get bigger. Genetics, the very blueprint of life on Earth, is constantly adapting and re-expressing itself in an ongoing interplay between the environment, mind and consciousness. This is not a new idea but merely a new way of explaining what has long been observed. The old way of looking at genetics was that we just got dealt a genetic hand by nature and we were either lucky or unlucky in what we got dealt. We are now coming to understand that this is where the genetic story starts, not ends. We do get to play the genetic hand we are dealt and Playing the Genetic Hand Life Dealt You by Dr Craig Hassed provides a wealth of information on how this can be achieved.

Harnessing the Healing Power of Positive Emotions
By : Paul Kraus

RRP : AUD$24.95 - 220 pages

It is not only illness that can play havoc with our lives. Other life crises have similar effects ? broken relationships, bereavement, unemployment, the serious illness of a loved one, fear of the future and many others can all cause personal suffering and can affect our body, mind and spirit. Also, negative emotions such as bitterness, resentment and guilt may ultimately do great harm.
It is now widely accepted that when stress is lowered, our immune system is heightened, which greatly assists the healing process. The therapeutic benefits of positive emotions promote peace of mind, hope, a feeling of well-being, and therefore healing. The author has produced a well-balanced and inspirational guide for the promotion of wellness of body, mind and spirit. IN GOOD SPIRITS Harnessing the Healing Power of Positive Emotions not only needs to be read, but also experienced and meditated upon. I thoroughly recommend it to you.
Margaret Dunn, Anglican Encounter.
The author Paul Kraus collated material for this empowering book after a diagnosis of mesothelioma several years ago. While accepting the diagnosis he decided to reject the prognosis and do whatever it took to get well. Most importantly, he chose to focus on the power of positive emotions such as faith, hope and love, recognising that they have a strong physiological effect on the body.
In recent years he has written a collection of cancer survivors from the Yarra Valley Living Centre called Surviving Cancer: Inspirational Stories of Hope and Healing and Surviving Mesothelioma and other Cancers, published in the USA.

The Harp and the Ferryman Mutual Healing after the Affair
By Rod McBride OAM

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Couples who attempt to heal and renew their relationship find healing to be a major challenge. Therapists who assist them in this process also find that it?s not easy. Partners who have experienced infidelity in previous relationships discover that these scars can affect happiness with future partners. All these people can benefit from a clear, easy-to-follow model that outlines practical steps in healing. Mutual Healing After the Affair presents a no-blame, mutual-responsibility model for such healing. Utilising real-life examples from couples in counselling, this book will provide hope and confidence for all couples, and the therapists who assist them.

The Harp and the Ferryman The Harp and the Ferryman
By Helen Cox PhD and Peter Roberts CM-Th

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It's a beautiful story. Maybe we all have a calling in life, a calling that takes us to places we never dreamed existed and through trials that we would have otherwise been happy to avoid. The journey leads to opportunities we could not have dreamed and synchronicity that we could not have planned. It challenges us to grow beyond our self-imposed and comfortable limitations and make a contribution to the wellbeing of others with whom we might never have otherwise walked. If we all have a calling in life then it may be that most of us do not heed it or are afraid to follow it. That is anything but the case for Peter Roberts and Helen Cox, two remarkable Australians whose journey is both an inspiration and a blessing to all who hear about it. The Harp and the Ferryman beautifully weaves together their individual and collective paths to bring music, beauty and peace to so many who suffered or confronted their own mortality. It is a book that gently challenges us to heed that still, quiet knowing within ourselves that we so often ignore in this busy and distracted world.

Hearing Voices Hearing Voices
A Common Human Experience

By : John Watkins

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The place of spirituality in modern life is discussed in this book and in particular callings to the vocational life.  The author who is internationally known for his work in this field has researched the works of St John of the Cross (The Ascent of Mount Carmel) and St Teresa of Avila (The Interior Castle) works he found more relevant and interesting than a lot of the psychiatric material available today.  He believes that everyone has such inner guidance but many are too filled with noise to hear it, or too fearful to heed it if they do hear it.

Unshrinking Psychosis
Understanding and Healing the Wounded Soul

By : John Watkins

RRP : AUD$35.00

John Watkin's book takes a bold quantum leap beyond the restrictive bio medical notions of ‘illnesses’ such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to view these conditions from a holistic perspective that reveals a ‘method in the madness’ of psychosis.  The author John Watkins writes that some episodes may function as a desperate coping strategy while others reflect a profound developmental crisis or spontaneous self-healing process.  Some tumultuous episodes are appropriately viewed as spiritual emergencies or potentially transformative psychospiritual crises.  Unshrinking Psychosis draws on the accumulated wisdom of mental health experts and individuals with first hand experience to outline ways of responding to psychosis that will promote healing and recovery.

You Cannot Take our Love
Anorexia takes everything but it cannot touch a family’s love

By : Jacinta Sutherland

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Listen to ABC Richard Stubbs interview with Jacinta

Anorexia creeps in and before you know it, it has taken hold. It doesn’t discriminate – nowadays those suffering the disorder include boys, girls, men and women. It is a huge issue in our celebrity focused society where weight, looks and post baby weight loss are all discussed ad nauseum. And the long term effects can be catastrophic.

 At age fourteen Tess was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. This is a mother’s totally absorbing story about her own and her family’s struggle with a daughter’s anorexia. Written from a mother’s perspective it describes living and caring for a family member who suffers from an eating disorder. All elements of the carer’s journey are here: personal and family turmoil, the questioning of treatment programs; the battle against anorexia and the final triumph over it. Excerpts from Tess’s journal add a powerful insight to the story.

“A moving, honest account of one family’s experience of living with a loved one with an eating disorder – from discovery to recovery. We need more stories like Jacinta’s to be told – stories that tell about the other half of the eating disorder experience – that of the people caring for the person with the eating disorder. Above all stories that give a message of hope and recovery.”

– Kirsty Greenwood, Executive Officer, Eating Disorders Victoria.



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