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Harnessing the Healing Power of Positive Emotions
By : Paul Kraus

RRP : AUD$24.95 - 220 pages

It is not only illness that can play havoc with our lives. Other life crises have similar effects ? broken relationships, bereavement, unemployment, the serious illness of a loved one, fear of the future and many others can all cause personal suffering and can affect our body, mind and spirit. Also, negative emotions such as bitterness, resentment and guilt may ultimately do great harm.
It is now widely accepted that when stress is lowered, our immune system is heightened, which greatly assists the healing process. The therapeutic benefits of positive emotions promote peace of mind, hope, a feeling of well-being, and therefore healing. The author has produced a well-balanced and inspirational guide for the promotion of wellness of body, mind and spirit. IN GOOD SPIRITS Harnessing the Healing Power of Positive Emotions not only needs to be read, but also experienced and meditated upon. I thoroughly recommend it to you.
Margaret Dunn, Anglican Encounter.
The author Paul Kraus collated material for this empowering book after a diagnosis of mesothelioma several years ago. While accepting the diagnosis he decided to reject the prognosis and do whatever it took to get well. Most importantly, he chose to focus on the power of positive emotions such as faith, hope and love, recognising that they have a strong physiological effect on the body.
In recent years he has written a collection of cancer survivors from the Yarra Valley Living Centre called Surviving Cancer: Inspirational Stories of Hope and Healing and Surviving Mesothelioma and other Cancers, published in the USA.

Secret Garden of Spirituality
By : Ann Rennie

RRP : AUD$24.95

Secret Garden of Spirituality is a book about hope and living life well and
purposefully. It offers glimpses into eternity and explores in a whimsical way the secret garden of the soul. There are words of advice and commonsense, reflections and recollections and an abiding belief that faith enables us to find the heaven within and to live that out in the world.  As young people ready to leave school and step out into the world they need good counsel. They need faith in themselves, in each other, in the world beyond the safe and known. This is a book for young people and their parents, a book for teachers and the older faithful who need a new way of looking at things, a book for anyone who believes there is more to life than the here and now. The secret garden of each person’s spirituality is unique and inviolable; a place to nurture the interior self, a place where goodness can grow.

Our Houseless HomeOur Houseless Home
By Lyle Courtney

RRP : AUD$29.95

Lyle Courtney, the youngest of eight siblings, was born into a comparatively well-off family in Maryborough, a Victorian goldfields town, during the Great Depression.  His mother died three weeks after he was born.  When Lyle was five years old the family lost their house, causing their father to throw convention to the wind and retreat with the children and their aunt to a tent-camp in the bush.  Set against an ever-changing background of the beauty, wonders and vagaries of nature, Our Houseless Home is a warts and all narrative.  It portrays the challenging and whimsical lifestyle of a poverty-stricken family making do in those hard times.  A true story of optimism, resourcefulness, loyalty and love.

Alan Jones 2GB interview with author - Listen now 

Enlightened EccentricsEnlightened Eccentrics
Philosophers in the Age of Reason

By : Professor Robert Spillane

RRP : AUD$24.99

This book is a declaration of respect and admiration for the philosophers who had the courage to publicly use their reason in the service of truth.  Threatened and attacked in their time, they are today ignored or ridiculed by those who fear or wish to suppress the truths of human existence.  The challenge today is to find eccentrics enlightened enough to argue that the age which venerated reason and science as humankind’s highest faculty must not be lost to us.  All those interested in philosophy will enjoy this important  contribution to the literature.

Think Less Be MoreThink Less Be More
Mental Detox for Everyone

By : Dr Christine Maingard

RRP : AUD$24.99

Stressed? Can’t cope? Don’t know which way to turn? Overburdened at work, at home?   Welcome to life in the 21st century!

Only when your mind is calm and clear can you feel truly alive and achieve your goals. THINK LESS BE MORE offers insightful strategies on how we can help ourselves – and others – to become free from the limitations and negative influence of our own thinking. It contains an Eight Week ‘Mental Detox’ program based on principles of cognitive behaviour which is used by teachers of mindfulness and therapists.

Essential reading for anyone who wants to have a more fulfilling and less stressful life.

For more information please visit Dr Maingard at http://www.thinklessbemore.com/ 

Elizabeth GouldSecrets of Cancer Survivors
By : Elizabeth Gould

RRP : AUD$21.95

Press - New Idea

In this ground-breaking book, Elizabeth Gould details her own story as well as the stories of five cancer survivors. No diets or miracle cures but a practical step-by-step approach to describing the emotional and physical journey through cancer into remission. In this book you will learn: Mental tools and techniques to cope with each stage of  cancer How your body will change during treatment and how to cope with those changes The best ways to emotionally support a cancer patient; and How the cancer journey can transform your life. This is a book of hope, survival and how to discover your own path through an enormous physical and mental challenge.  Elizabeth Gould had barely recovered from being the victim of a major crime during which she had to defend her two small children, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Drawing on her previous experience of surviving in tough situations, Elizabeth pulled through but was concerned at the lack of material about ‘the things that no-one will tell you’. Using her experience as a writer as well as a survivor, Elizabeth interviewed five other survivors all with different cancers and backgrounds to distill the ‘secrets’ to surviving cancer to complete her book ‘Secrets of Cancer Survivors’.

In this book you will learn: Mental tools and techniques to cope with each stage of cancer how your body will change during treatment and how to cope with those changes The best ways to emotionally support a cancer patient;  and How the cancer journey can transform your life. This is a book of hope, survival and how to discover your own path through an enormous physical and mental challenge.


Soul Sisters Soul Sisters
Modern Prayers for Modern Women
by Lucia Nardo

RRP $19.95 AUD

Today's woman demonstrates the desire to incorporate a spiritual dimension into her life.  In many instances, women seek new spiritual practices as an alternative or adjunct to traditional faith customs.  While there is abundant information available on spirituality generally, there is little in the way of structured prayer which is not bound by specific faith traditions or styles.  Prayer is regaining ground as a way of demonstrating spirituality and/or belief.  However much of the prayer that is familiar is formal and perceived as not relevant.

Souls Sisters - Modern Prayers for Modern Women is a response to women's search for prayer within a spiritual dimension.  There are 120 prayers on a wide range of subjects.  Some amusing, some sad, but all relevant to a woman's life.  Readers have found these prayers have touched them personally and many reduced to tears.

Souls Sisters includes explanatory terms used in the prayers and is non denominational so that it can be inclusive of all beliefs.  The prayers stand alone for those seeking non-specific spirituality, or adaptable to those with existing faith practices.

Know Thyself Know Thyself
by Dr Craig Hassed

RRP $21.95 AUD

As used by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and in doctor training at Monash University.

Using his experience as a medical doctor and his interest in philosophy and psychology, Dr Hassed's stress release programme teaches 'mindfulness', a simple and effective way of relieving the stress and fatigue that we experience in this modern life. Mindfulness increases self-awareness and observation which helps us all in our day to day lives, both professional and personal. "Know Thyself" is a practical guide which explains the link between our mind and body and teaches a programme of renewal to find the balance that we all need.

New Frontiers in MedicineNew Frontiers in Medicine
by Dr Craig Hassed

RRP $19.95 AUD

This book comes to us in an era dominated by biomedical advances. The author combines the skills of a GP and academic with the deep understanding of the ancient wisdom traditions to challenge this conventional dogma. This powerful book addresses the relationship between mind, body and soul. The author's ability to integrate rather than divide makes this book essential reading for everyone.

Dr Craig Hassed was trained in medicine at Melbourne University and graduated in 1984. His interest in a holistic approach led him to focus on wellbeing rather than simply treating illness. This led him to focus upon counselling, mind-body medicine and meditation. In 1988 Craig decided to make a contribution to bridging these missing links in medical education through joining the Monash University Department of Community Medicine and General Practice.

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